Monday, 25 April 2011

Playlist: A song I know all the words to

Hmm. What songs would that be for you? I could choose quite a few songs, but they are nearly all from the 80s, of course. (And would it be cheating to choose Blue Monday? There are hardly any words to that!)

But there is one song, that you all know the words to, probably; not just me. I dare say you probably know every single note; you'll know it from the start. And it's very up and cheerful, and I love the dance in the video, so I've had to give you the original video so you can see it. It's a great feelgood song, it just reminds me of sunny days. I bloody love Tears for Fears, as much now as I did as a teenager. Whilst I was searching for this on Youtube, I found them performing this live last year somewhere. Curt looks better than ever but Roland looks like he needs a good haircut!

Pop over to Mumra and see more entries this week. Or have a go yourself.

Mumra Playlist
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