Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Write Room

So, earlier this week, I was challenged to show you the contents of my fridge. Now, Melinda at Her Melness Speaks has asked me to show you where I write. It's based on Mariella Frostrup's Book Show which has a feature where authors show you around the place or room where they write. I don't find this quite as revealing showing you my fridge, mainly because it feels so "normal". My writing place is like mission control! It's where I tweet, chat, do my comps, work, everything.

This is "my chair" in the living room. I don't like hiding away somewhere to write. The chair reclines so I often end up writing with my feet up and get settled in very nicely. I like the proximity to the radiator, particularly in winter - as you can see, it is also handy for placement of cups of tea (although I regularly forget to drink them), pen and any other blogging paraphernalia. The square stack you can see is actually a pile of CDs which are the prize for one of the competitions that I am currently running. My phone is normally attached to one of the cables, as it's permanently on charge in the evening but I used it to take this picture.

Out of shot, you can't see my diary with assorted useful things in it to help my blogging, the television which faces my chair directly, meaning that it's just behind and beyond my screen when I'm in position so my eyes can flick between the two, and the lamp just to my left which lights up my corner.

How about you have a go too? Just a take a picture of where you write, blog it and add it to the linky.
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