Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Baking Competition (for kids!) - Win a Kellogg's goody bag

You may remember back in January, I went to a Kellogg's event in Manchester and wrote this post about breakfast and the importance of it to children in particular. Since then, Kellogg's have kept in touch and recently, asked me if I would like to receive an Easter surprise. Last weekend, not one but two huge parcels turned up for me. Inside were two goody bags, containing nearly all you need to make some crispy Easter treats - Rice Krispies, marshmallows, dolly mixtures, recipe cards, gingerbread man shaped cutters, gel icing, chef's hat and aprons.

We had a bit of a play today with one of the bags. First Missy Woo dressed appropriately for the occasion:

Then, we set about melting 45g butter and 300g marshmallows (minus one or two the children may have taken) to make Easter Bunnies. The idea was to add 150g Rice Krispies to this mixture then roll into ball shapes. Well, now here's a thing - whatever we did to it, the mixture stuck to our fingers like superglue so I pressed most of it into a tin. Maybe we should have waited. We decided to use the gingerbread cutters to make Krispie men, which was also hard work but after cutting them out, the mix was easier to mould into ball shapes for the bunnies.

Missy Woo decorated the men with the icing pens first.

Then, I left her in the kitchen (yes, I did) to decorate the "Easter Bunnies" her way. And these were her babies.

(Several Dolly mixtures may have been consumed during the making of these bunnies. There are leftovers.)

As I have two of these fabulous goody bags, I've decided to give one of them away to one of you lucky lot. Well, actually, your children. What I want you to do is get baking or making cakes over Easter, then either blog about it, tweet a picture of it or just email pictures to me. You can make anything like you like, but the main rules are is it needs to be something sweet (so Krispie cakes are fine, but that won't win you brownie points) and it must be made by a child or children aged 10 years or under. They can have help from a grown-up, of course, but please ensure they have been involved in the making and/or decorating.

If you blog, please link back to your post with photographs in the comments below. If you tweet your link, feel free to add the hashtag #kidseasterbaking and mention me (@kateab) when you tweet it so I can see it.

If you don't have a blog, don't worry, you can still take part. Either tweet your picture, adding #kidseasterbaking to your tweet, and mention me (@kateab) when you do so that I can see it. Or you can just take a picture and email it to me at kateab65 [at] Don't forget to tell me the name of your creation, and the name and age of your child(ren). Leave a comment to remind me you tweeted or emailed so I don't miss any entries.

Entries will close at noon on 1st May so you have all of Easter week and Royal Wedding to make, bake, photograph, blog, tweet, email etc.

I will choose the best entry along with Monkey and Missy Woo. I'm the easiest to please here - to give you an idea, Monkey likes football and riding on his bike and his favourite colours are blue, red and Ben 10 green whilst Missy Woo likes princesses and colouring in and her favourite colours are pink and purple. (Gender stereotyping? I swear I tried not to!) We'll be looking for creative, colourful (and yummy!) entries.

The winner will receive the Kellogg's goody bag. The winner will be contacted by me and asked to provide a UK postal address (sorry, I cannot send this prize outside the UK). The prize will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery so you will need to ensure that someone is available to sign for the parcel, otherwise you'll have an annoying trip to the delivery office with photo ID to claim it.

My decision is final on all matters. Just because I enjoy the power, bwahaha. Happy baking... and good luck!
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