Monday, 28 March 2011

Playlist: Dream Time

Mumra Playlist
After my little trip down Memory Lane for last week's Playlist, I thought I'd see how it goes and maybe join in again in a few weeks.

Then I saw what the prompt was for this week - Dream Time. Sarah, from the Planet of Mumra, used to like falling asleep to music. I must admit, I have not done that too many times in my life. But there is one song I associate with chilling out - and also an incredible earworm - that I have to share with you so I'm joining in again.

I originally came across this when it was used as the theme tune for the now defunct reality TV series called Shipwrecked. (Andrew Lincoln also did the voiceover - what's not to like? Oh yeah, it was all style and no content - in other words, crap.) You're probably more familiar with it being the background to some holiday ads featuring the Redknapps. Still, I love it and will forgive this minor oversight.

It is - if you haven't guessed already - The Sea by Morcheeba.

If I had to choose a song to drift off to, this would be it.

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