Monday, 21 March 2011

Menu Planning Monday

I've been asked before if I'd share my weekly meal plans with you, and I was thinking of doing it this week when, lo and behold, I noticed that Mrs M, on her blog At Home with Mrs M, has started Menu Planning Monday. I usually plan my meals over the weekend for the following week so I have a shopping list ready for Monday or Tuesday. This week, for various reasons, I've actually planned two whole weeks (get me, Superwoman) but I'll just share what we're going to have this week. I tend to plan around my husband's shifts so where he is working until 7pm, I try to put something on that he can reheat, or I'll do separate meals for the children. That's normally when the slow cooker comes into play.

I try to balance out my weeks so we have different meats, at least one vegetarian option and maybe some fish. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. Last week, there was a hell of a lot of chicken. This week, there is a hell of a lot of pork but at least it is in different forms!

So, here's my meal plan for the week commencing 21st March.

Monday - Rosti Bolognese Pie - heavily adapted
Tuesday - Red Lentil and Aubergine curry with naan breads
Wednesday - Honey and Mustard Pork, mash and broccoli
Thursday - Mustard Chicken and Bacon for us, sandwiches for the children (it's football night!)
Friday - Barley Beef Casserole
Saturday - Leek, pea and pancetta risotto (similar recipe here)
Sunday - Pork and Vegetable casserole

I'm actually making double quantities of the Pork & Vegetable Casserole as we are all going to Deepdale next Monday night for the England U21 game, of which more soon, so I wanted a decent amount of leftovers that I can reheat. And, it's worth noting, something normally goes wrong with the plan and something normally ends up shoved off the list.

Why not pop over to Mrs M's blog and see some more Meal Planning Monday entries?
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