Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Gallery - Education

This week, we're being encouraged to share pictures on the theme of Education. Tara seems quite interested in our own school days as much as those of our children. A lot of people were keen on sharing photos from their school days. I shrivelled in horror at the thought of this. I don't consider that I was a very pretty child, especially as I decided when I was 7 to get my hair cut quite short which I don't think helped.

I have only one picture from middle school that I won't post for fear of blinding you, as the uniform for girls included a seriously bright yellow shirt.

No, instead, I have plucked up the courage and you get this picture of me - and a few others - in the sixth form. So, here we go, here is L6 Wren from Chesham High School, circa 1981. Yes, it is (nearly) thirty years ago. Yes, I am that old. No, I'm not telling you which one is me. No, we didn't have any dress sense. Yes, we were the geeky lot. We left being cool and hip, mostly, to Kelvin and Scott. Oh, and being good at everything except the house drama competition.

Brings back memories good and bad, this picture. I am not in touch with many of these people now although none of the people I really disliked from school were in my house thankfully. I'm friends with a handful of these people on Facebook, but the majority do not even seem to know what Facebook or Twitter are. The person I consider my oldest friend is also in this picture. We don't see each other or get in touch that often but we always pick up exactly where we left off whenever we meet up.

And the saddest, scariest thing of all about this picture? At least one of these people is no longer alive. Chilling thought. A terrible counterpoint to a photograph of young adults just setting out on adult life, driven by dreams of success and hope for the future.

Go on, have a guess which one is me! I think it's probably fairly easy. And no, my dress sense is no better than anyone else's. Leave me a comment telling me which one you think is me (anyone suggesting I'm one of the blokes will get a virtual slap) and I'll tell you in a day or two. There are no prizes for getting it right, just the kudos of being a clever clogs.

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