Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Gallery - Here come the girls

So this week's prompt should be easy, right? I have 3 sisters, a mother and a daughter. I grew up surrounded by females. I am a mum, and hang out in NCT circles, with lots of other mums hang out too and have become my friends. There are lots of "girls" featuring in my life, which should make this a doddle, right? Wrong!

The trouble is, I don't take lots of pictures and also, I feel a bit odd putting pictures of just anyone on my blog. I always ask before putting pictures on my blog, except where it's not possible to ask - like ones of my Dad - or they're of my children. I don't see my sisters or my mother very often - Mum and two of my sisters are 200 miles away and my youngest sister lives in Devon, almost as far as you can get away from me in England. So.... you got Missy Woo again. I'm sorry about that but she's very photogenic and she loves having her photo taken, as does her brother. But today is about girls. My girl, in fact. My beautiful, funny, clever little girl. You may switch off now if cute girly pictures are not your thang.

This was taken at Missy Woo's nursery graduation ceremony in July. They'd been learning dances with a teacher most of their preschool year and performed a few for the parents at the start before the certificates were handed out. Here she is processing past our seats. All the children had to wear black and white (Why? They are not colours that children often wear!) but Missy Woo had the added accessory of a pink cast, after she fell off a slide in a neighbour's garden and cracked a bone in her humerus on Father's Day. After crying a lot when she first did it, she was a real trooper once her arm was in a cast; first a temporary one, then got to choose this fetching pink number. As you can see, it was not bothering her one bit.

So when you say "Here come the girls", I think of her. My daughter, my girl. My Missy Woo.

(This is my entry for Week 30 of The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Please pop over and take a look if you can, there's always some great entries.) 


  1. Ahh! She's adorable isn't she. What a lovely smile! x

  2. Unlike you I have no sisters, mum etc. You choose wisely 'cos she's fab!

  3. She is really sweet! I bet you are really proud of her!

  4. Awww, she looks like a brave lass with a big personality :)

  5. She is adorable - you must be v proud!!

  6. She is rocking her pink cast!


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