Wednesday, 21 July 2010

OK, OK.....I am officially rubbish at blogging.

My last post was 4 days ago and I've got nothing in the pipeline. For the second week in a row, I am devoid of inspiration for the Gallery. I've got some ideas in my head but nothing laid down in concrete form that will make any sense to anyone but me. My online brand, if I were to have one, is being neglected. In my defence, it's nearly the end of term and I spent about 5 hours of my child free day yesterday (I get 6.5 hours to myself) making blackcurrant jam!

However, I hope you've noticed I've made some changes to the blog over the last few days. I've added a whizzy button to get an RSS feed of my blog and you can now also subscribe via email so that you get sent you new posts if that's what floats your boat. And this evening, I found I could add the little buttons at the bottom of the post that allow you to post links to all sorts of random places.

This is on top of the new commenting system I added last week, and the fancy new layout I found on Blogger's new Template Designer.

I may not be sharing my wisdom with you, but I've been tinkering away and making me look a bit different and hopefully, this blog will be easier for you to "drive".

Come back soon when I have real wisdom to share with you. Pretty please. I'll try to make it good, honest.


  1. Liking them jelly beans. Can I pinch a couple of green ones?

  2. Love the new look! We've all been there with no inspiration and nothing concrete to post, it'll come back :)

  3. Don't worry. You'll get your blogging mojo back. I've lost count of the number of times I've been devoid of inspiration. One time, I invited Twitter followers to suggest subjects and I did a series of blog pieces on those!

    The new layout and widgets are cool btw. :-)

  4. Thank you. I have some half ideas but this week has been busy with end of term (I made cakes and some jam for the teachers presents) and I need some time to develop what I have into coherent posts. :)

  5. Hi, thanks for the compliments. I remember you asking for subjects - I seem to remember that I suggested one of them. :) I might do that if it doesn't come back to me. I'm hoping Tara's Gallery prompt will help me this week - and as it's to win chocolate, I will be looking very carefully. ;)

  6. It's looking great Kate - loving the Jelly Beans. Like G says, blogging mojo comes and goes, so don't put pressure on yourself - I'm finding I'm enjoying it more as I post less, maybe you'll find the same... Px

  7. Wow! Very impressive &inviting! don't beat yourself up about not blogging! I'll be calling on you for some support soon as I can feel my muse starting to pack for the school hols!x


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