Monday, 6 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday - the I am really rubbish edition!

I cannot believe it's 3 weeks since I posted a plan. I swear I had posted since but obviously not. September was stupidly busy. I'd like to say October is calmer but it's not. Next week, I have something every night until Friday. This weekend, I was away in Birmingham with work, I went to London the week before that and a few days before that, we went to Devon and back!

Trying to make up a plan that fits around everything is nightmarish. Monkey is taking part in a school football tournament after school for 3 weeks; he's done one already and so we have two more Mondays to do. Missy has rejoined choir, which is on at the same time! Luckily, someone is taking him to the tournament for me tomorrow so I will pick up Missy later and go watch them play their last matches. On Tuesday, I've started going to a gym class after school but straight after that, we're going to a secondary school open evening. Wednesday, the children have swiming and I have a meeting later (and it's Bake Off final - argh!) and on Thursday, we are going to one final, FINAL secondary school open evening. Phew.

Meals are therefore a mixture of things that cook very quickly, things I can leave (like in a slow cooker) or things I know the kids will eat quickly plus I'm on an economy drive so it's nothing fancy, I can assure you. And we have nothing planned for next weekend - total, total bliss!

Monday - Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup
Tuesday - Slow cooker chilli with tortillas and guacamole
Wednesday - Sandwiches
Thursday - Cauliflower cheese
Friday - Slow cooker barbeque chicken wings and drumsticks with roasted veg and "stuff"
Saturday - Slow cooker sweet and sour pork, rice and prawn crackers
Sunday - Slow cooker gammon in cola

Hmm. That slow cooker is going to get a hammering!

Don't forget that the lovely Mrs M host Meal Planning Monday on At Home with Mrs M,

Now, unless the world falls in, I PROMISE I will definitely post again next week. Ha.
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