Friday, 20 September 2013

Pebbles - of chocolate?

As you may or may not know, one of my unwritten rules for my blog is "never turn down chocolate". Not for me necessarily, but everyone else in the house adores chocolate and I quite like it too. Anyway, Cadbury's offered to send me some Dairy Milk Pebbles to try, so I couldn't say no.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you are Cadbury's) they didn't last long. They did, however, last long enough for me to take a couple of snaps. (Badly, of course!)

Pebbles fill the void left by Mini Eggs when it's not Easter. They're a little bigger, pebble shaped (strangely!) but still covered with that crispy shell. Well, I say bigger - perhaps they're just flatter. And I think I can safely say they are moreish; I had to ration them with the children on the first afternoon they arrived. I was away the next night and by the time I came back, they were all gone! Hmm, maybe that wasn't just the kids; I think I hid the remainder.They come in handy bags for sharing, but if you're sneaky, I'm sure you could easily polish off a whole bag yourself. 

The chocolate is Dairy Milk - standard Cadbury's fare - so perfect unless you don't like milk chocolate. I've been told the RRP £2.03 (which is an odd number!) but looking at the supermarkets, some are selling them for £2 and others £1.50. It's similarly priced to the other sharing bags of chocolate on offer. 

I'd definitely recommend you buy these if you love your Mini Eggs; it will be like Easter every day without having the depressing thought that it's Easter straight after Christmas etc. Anyone would enjoy them though - I like getting through the crispy shell to find the chocolate underneath. Your only problem is going to be stopping eating them. I dare you. 

(Cadbury's sent me a couple of bags of Pebbles to try. They also kindly sent me a free family ticket for admission to Cadbury World.)
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