Monday, 1 July 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the easy cook birthday week edition!

Meal Planning MondayWeek two of Wimbledon so don't expect anything complicated. In addition, Missy Woo turns seven on Friday, and gets to celebrate by doing a modern dance exam and then go out for tea after school. With a party on Sunday, that doesn't leave too many meals to plan. On top of that, Missy Woo has a friend coming round for tea tomorrow as Monkey is off to a friend's and told me she'd promised lasagne to a friend "so long as it hasn't got mushrooms, Mummy, because it's easy for you". Groundhog day, anyone?

So, this is our week in meals.

Monday - Lasagne and garlic bread
Tuesday - Quiche, new potatoes and salad (pre-made quiche, so shoot me)
Wednesday - Slow cooker lamb and sweet potato curry
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Out for tea
Saturday - Party
Sunday - Roast chicken (this is going to be a minimalist version as I'll be watching the men's final!)

See? Nothing special, but next week should have some nice things in it. If you want some better plans to inspire, click on the badge above to reach Mrs M's place where the linky is hosted.

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