Monday, 10 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the summer easy cook edition!

Meal Planning Monday So, I'm trying to ignore that the weather is due to turn this week and trying to cook simple things this week. Already, you will recognise a dish from last week's plan which has been bumped until the later part of the week when it's supposed to be colder. Which is a shame, as we are going to a wedding on Saturday and then the day after party on Sunday. On the bright side, that means no cooking for me this weekend so I only had the week to fill. We are fully back to normal this week with school and activities, with Monkey now out of his cast - although not a fully extending arm as yet.

This is the plan for the week, then.

Monday - Sticky chicken drumsticks and potato salad
Tuesday - Pasta with red pesto and meatballs (kids' choice!)
Wednesday - Pea and spring onion tart
Thursday - Lamb & aubergine stew with crispy chickpea topping
Friday - Mushroom coconut & mango pilau (adapted from our usual favourite)
Saturday - Wedding
Sunday - Party

Need more Meal Planning Monday inspiration? Get yourself over to Mrs M's where there will be plenty posts to give you ideas. 
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