Monday, 13 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the lacking in enthusiasm edition!

Meal Planning MondayYes, I'm afraid that is me! Every now and then, I really struggle to put a plan together. I do it, because I know the benefits for me and the rest of the family but this week, I think I'd really rather have not. Still, the children offered a couple of suggestions (although "sandwiches for Thursday" wasn't that helpful, thanks Missy Woo!) I had a carry over from last week, and one dish filed away to try but then I struggled, and struggled, and struggled. Being hungry towards the end of this probably didn't help. I wanted everything and nothing. I know, I'm odd.

I put this apathy down to a busy week and hopefully next week, my enthusiasm will return as we have a far more normal week this week although it is the school summer fair on Saturday.

Don't get excited, there isn't much ground-breaking here and there appears to be a lot of dough in my future.

Monday - Curry lentil stew with tomatoes
Tuesday - Homemade pizza (which will be half pepperoni and half ham and pineapple)
Wednesday - Falafel burgers
Thursday - Sandwiches
Friday - Chicken, pancetta and mushroom stew
Saturday - Slow cooker pork belly
Sunday - Chicken and stuffing baguettes

Normal service next week? I hope so.

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