Sunday, 17 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the Missy Woo edition!

Meal Planning Monday
It's been a busy week in our house for various reasons. We had cake club at the weekend, Monkey has been away at Granny's having a birthday treat, and we seem to haveD after school clubs galore at the moment. It's been a bit busy to have time to put together a full meal plan so I asked Missy Woo to choose some things she liked to have again. And she only went and chose the pea and potato soup again. Yes, I did actually ACTUALLY make it last week and now we're having it again.

Here is the plan a la Missy Woo (with a couple of suggestions from me)

Monday - Mixed vegetable curry
Tuesday - Sausages in onion gravy
Wednesday - Cottage pie (with a twist)
Thursday -  Minty pea and potato soup
Friday -  Chicken jambalaya
Saturday - Pasta "risotto" with pea and pancetta
Sunday - Let's keep free, huh?

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