Monday, 25 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the short week into March edition!

Meal Planning Monday

Yes, this is another short week. This is because I am working/playing this weekend and heading to Derbyshire for a work event that doubles as a social. Husband is working too so the children are going to their grandparents on Saturday and staying there until I pick them up on Sunday afternoon. I'm leaving here Friday lunchtime so Friday has been designed for the slow cooker so that they can pick up tea when they are ready.

The rest of the week has been chosen to fulfill Monkey's desire to have "pie", a leftover dish from last week, something I chose because I fancied it and a dish to use up some meat in the freezer. Sounds thrilling, eh?

The devil, of course, is in the detail and here that detail is.

Monday - Thai pork and peanut curry
Tuesday - Cauliflower cheese and jacket potatoes
Wednesday - Minced beef pie
Thursday - Minty pea and potato soup
Friday - Sausages in onion gravy from the slow cooker for everyone else
Saturday - kept free
Sunday - kept free

After last week's summery feel, that looks pretty wintery again! Cannot wait to have cauliflower cheese myself. Once you've drooled over this menu, (what do you mean you haven't?) hop over to Mrs M's for more MPM mayhem.
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