Monday, 11 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the not cooking very much edition!

Meal Planning Monday
I know quite a few areas are off this week but we have another week of school before half term. But it's a busy one - Valentine's disco at school, Monkey is going to a friend's for tea (again!) and we're going away at the weekend. As a result, there isn't a great deal of cooking to be done and so you won't find any culinary wonders. We're having sausages because there were some in the freezer, I got a pizza reduced from the supermarket to have on Shrove Tuesday so pancakes can be made,  and Missy Woo chose the soup (because she thought that Monkey would like it), then it's no cooking for the weekend.

So, here is the official plan.

Monday - Sausages with onion gravy (incidentally, the most read post on this blog!)
Tuesday - Pizza (not homemade) followed by pancakes!
Wednesday - out for tea
Thursday - Creamy chicken and sweetcorn soup
Friday - away
Saturday - away
Sunday - away

Don't get over-excited now! Normalish service will be back next week, even though that is half term. Hopefully, the other meal plans over at Mrs M's will be more interesting than this one.

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