Monday, 22 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the last week of half term family favourites edition!

Bit of a long-winded title, but it's all true! Whilst a good part of England and Wales are off on their holidays this week, we're soldiering on for another week and half term is next week, so we have another week of school and it's fairly busy, it has to be said. I have a meeting at school, there is a Hallowe'en bingo event on at school and the usual things that come along with a holiday. It's been a long half term so on Saturday, I asked the children to come up with some things they wanted to eat and I made some suggestions to help them along the way. On Saturday, the children and I are going to York for the day and on Sunday, husband is running the Guild half marathon in Preston and I've got cake club.

You've probably seen most of these recipes on my meal plans before but it's nice to have familiar food from time to time.

Monday - butties
Tuesday - Honey mustard pork, mash and broccoli
Wednesday - Lamb, coconut and mango pilau
Thursday - Fajitas
Friday - Mexican pork burgers
Saturday - keeping free
Sunday - not cooking

And yes, my children really did ask for the fajitas and the lamb pilau. I suggested the pork burgers after Monkey said he wanted to have burgers.

So what is on your menu this week? Are your family on half term holiday? Does your meal plan reflect that? And have you been over to Mrs M's yet to check out the rest of the Meal Planning Monday entries?
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