Monday, 25 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the family favourites edition!

Another week, another dollar. Or something.

Every now and then, I lose inspiration and ask the family to suggest meals to have that they liked. I am very lucky in that the children often say, "Can we have this again?" when we have new things but I like to try new things all the time (if you hadn't noticed!) and when I do get round to this , I've forgotten which ones were such hits. I figure that complete favourites will really stick in their minds.

This is one of those weeks. Trying to plan a week of meals at short notice as we got a voucher for Ocado late on Friday for delivery Saturday necessitated this strategy. I was expecting pizza and pasta and to be fair, the first thing they said was pasta based but different - as in not bolognese, pesto or carbonara based. They came up with a couple more but needed a couple of  prompts from me, we picked out a few other things we have had recently that we all enjoyed.

So, then, here is our week. Think I'll leave Sunday open because it's the Euro final and I'm going to Clandestine Cake Club early evening. Saturday is probably going to be for grown ups only, as the children are going to a party.

Monday - Toad in the hole
Tuesday - Sticky marmalade chicken
Wednesday - Butternut squash, ricotta and sage pasta bake
Thursday - need I tell you? Butties again!
Friday - Moroccan meatballs with eggs
Saturday - Spanish omelette (possibly)
Sunday - keeping free

That's us. How about you? I would love to know what you are having this week, to give me inspiration for next week, although it's Missy Woo's birthday and party next week and the second week of WImbledon. Once you've done that, don't forget to check all the Meal Planning Monday entries over at Mrs M's place for more meal planning ingenuity.
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