Monday, 26 March 2012

Meal Planning Monday - the last week of term edition!

Another week flies by. Time to meal plan again. This time, it's the last week of school term for the children, a week I view with relief and a bit of trepidation. The relief of not having to dash about for school in the mornings is lovely, but at the same time, everything is thrown out and I worry about getting work done whilst keeping the children amused. Still, that's for next week.

Being last week of term, we have an evening event on at school which affects tea one day (more that I just have to have it ready on time than anything), but on Thursday, which is normally mad after school, Missy Woo has no dancing so all I have to do is deliver Monkey to football which means I can get on with making tea when I get home. Hurrah! The weekend is quiet though. Oh, and I'm out most of today so an old favourite is getting bunged in the slow cooker by me after school run to be ready when everyone else gets home (oh, and yes, potatoes are also cut into wedges and in a bag drizzled with some oil ready to be bunged into the oven.

On we go with the meals for this week.

Monday - Sausages in onion gravy (slow cooker) and potato wedges
Tuesday - Veg curry
Wednesday - Minced beef and onion pie (using bought pastry), mash and peas
Thursday - Fragrant chicken curry with chickpeas (it never got made a few weeks back!)
Friday - Moroccan meatballs with eggs
Saturday - Fishcakes
Sunday - keeping free

I'm looking forward to some of these this week, as some of them are interesting or new to me and that's what I like to do - make things that keep my interest. I rarely sit in my comfort zone these days.

Don't forget to do two things - first, tell me what you are eating this week and then, pop on over to Mrs M's to discover more wonderful entries in the MPM linky.

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