Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter eggs will never be the same again

I've mentioned this before on many occasion, but I am not a huge chocolate fan. Yes, I eat it but I don't have to have it. That said, if someone is going to offer me free chocolate, I am not going to turn them down, because the rest of the household would frankly lynch me.

Hotel Chocolat offered to send me one of their Easter eggs and I wasn't about to say no. We've tried their products before and they are always welcome. We picked out one of their Extra Thick Easter eggs to try - the Rocky Road to Caramel one to be precise. Now, Easter Eggs usually leave me cold - they promise so much but deliver so little - thin chocolate eggs and a few extra sweets with a lot of packaging. It was going to have to be amazing to change my opinion and at £26, it is not cheap.

As ever, it is beautifully packaged - in a cardboard drum with a ribbon on top. It looked so nice that it took the children about a day to figure out it was an Easter egg - bonus! The packaging wasn't as wasteful as other eggs and the drum could easily be reused for other uses afterwards.

The chocolate egg really was fabulous; the milk chocolate was indeed very thick, and snapped satisfyingly when you broke it into chunks; a bit like eating a Yorkie, if you remember them. One half of the egg was studded with crispy rice, chocolate chunks and cookies, the other plain, and all of it very yummy. I even loved the foil wrapping - the thickness of the foil felt strong and good quality, it wrapped and re-wrapped well.

Inside the egg were 14 chocolates - some caramels, some pralines as well as chocolate bunnies and chicks. Truth be told, I preferred the egg to the chocolates. Needless to say, the egg did not last much past Mothering Sunday, a whole 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. Oops. Good job no-one gave up chocolate for Lent.

The only problem is that Easter eggs really will never be the same again for me. The children will happily eat any chocolate egg sent their way, but me? If anyone wants to buy me an egg, it'll have to be an Extra Thick egg from now on.

(I was sent a Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter egg to review. I have not received any other compensation. All words and opinions are my own and I have not been told what to write.)
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