Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A recipe?

Start with an idea, and take a leap of faith. Free range is best; they leap further. Mix thoroughly with some aspirations, but trim to realistic sizes first.

Rinse a handful of risks. Discard any bad ones, leaving the good ones you’re prepared to take. Add them gradually whilst stirring. Use your judgement, and stop when you think you’ve added enough.

Add a dash of hope; for without hope, you will have nothing. Leave to rise until doubled in size. Bake until risen and firm, then cool. Top liberally with wisdom, then slice and enjoy.

Life tastes good, doesn’t it?

This is for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups at Julia's Place. This week, the prompt was "Take a Leap of Faith" in honour of  Leap Year Day. Also, if you're interested, why not join in with today - it's a global blogging project to record this special day. 

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