Monday, 20 February 2012

Cake of the Week - Victoria Sandwich with jam and cream

Every now and then, I like to get involved with Cake of the Week at Casa Costello. Helen is a very talented cake maker who makes beautiful cakes for a living. She has some brilliant cakes on her Cake of the Week feature and she encourages people to join in and link up their own cakes.This week, she has a fantastic Very Hungry Caterpillar cake that she made for her own daughter's 1st birthday which is gorgeous.

This is mine. I promised Monkey I would bake with him as I only ever seem to bake with Missy Woo these days. Not only that, I had a new mixer to try out - I won a Kenwood K-Mix hand mixer for our Christmas Cake - you can see all the winners here. It arrived on Friday so I was itching to get making with it but I had no plans for the weekend and cakes on the horizon. And Monkey was being notoriously elusive - forever out playing with his friends.

Then, all of a sudden, a window of opportunity presented itself. The only problem was, I didn't have much in. So, what do we make? A Victoria Sandwich, as that needs no special ingredients. However, we decided we wanted cream AND jam in the middle, so my husband and Missy Woo popped to the shop, whilst I stayed at home to make the cake. I used Mary Berry's all-in-one recipe so very very simple and all I did different was whip some cream for the filling and spread it on top of the jam. The handmixer was great although different to what I'm used to and will take a bit of adjustment, especially as the pulse function is next to off, so I kept turning it off and switching it back on by mistake!

So here is my cake. We made it late in the afternoon, so we had it for pudding - well, half is still in the fridge and it's calling to me. And I say we - Monkey had two pieces and asked for a third so had more than his fair share but Missy Woo is still claiming she doesn't like cream so only had a tiny piece then claimed she was "full" and didn't finish it. This is the child that loves yogurt. It is very nice and I hope a worthy addition to Cake of the Week this week.

Do you have a Cake of the Week? Why not join in with Helen's linky?
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