Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My favourite Christmas song

Much as I am not into a huge build up to Christmas and I'm not happy until everything is bought, wrapped and posted, nearly every music radio station within earshot is playing Christmas songs now. I'm sure they have a mathematical formula which allows them to increase the number that they play daily until they play themselves into a Christmas frenzy by somewhere around 24th.

Anyway, Garry from The Blog Up North tagged me to share my favourite Christmas song with you. Actually, the answer to this question is on his own blog. Last year, he did a series called HUN's Musical Advent and I suggested this song and he dedicated it to me. When searching out said post, I actually found it straight away as I am such a saddo that I can even remember what day of the calendar it was.

This is the song. It's "I believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake.

The irony of it all is Greg Lake wrote it as a protest about the commercialisation of Christmas but it does sound Christmassy - and when this was released (I was 10) I was not to know that. I remember wondering why he was sat in a desert for part of it.  The words are very evocative and I always love it. It's not formulaic in the slightest and it doesn't age (unlike Greg Lake, who I suspect doesn't look anything like as boyish these days).

I think I now must tag a few more bloggers and as it's late, I'm going to have to randomly take a punt that these folk won't mind so I'm going to tag a few that like musical memes so I'm going for

Kirsty from Gone Bananas
Karen from If I Could Escape
Lynne from Honie Mummy

All they have to do is write their post, link back to me and tag a few others to carry on the fun. Peasy.

And if I haven't tagged you, feel free to join in anyway, link back and leave me a comment with the link to it.
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