Monday, 19 December 2011

Meal Planning Monday - the reverse engineered edition and OMG, it's Christmas!

So, what do you know? It's Christmas week. Obviously, you know what Sunday will mean, but maybe I'll do a separate post about that but we're largely traditional. And actually, I love doing it.

What about the rest of the week? Well, I only have five days to plan. We kind of started a little "tradition" a few years ago in that we have Chinese on Christmas Eve. It's a nice difference to what is to come and it does mean I don't have lots of cooking to do. I always forget and start to ponder what to cook until my husband reminds me. So we'll have that again and I can concentrate on all the prep to make Christmas Day as easy as possible.

So, why is it reverse engineered? The answer to that is the little email that popped into my inbox on Friday, offering 20% on my food shop. So, hurriedly, I put together an order, just chucked in what I needed and perhaps a few things extra without a thought to a plan. I nearly got scuppered when my mother rang me near the end of my hour but I remembered in time and got it in. And because I was pretty busy, I never got time to go back and add anything, let alone plan this week's meals. Hence, reverse engineered - I'm planning the meals from what I know I have and hopefully, I'll plan it so I don't really have to go back to the supermarket much.

Here's the plan:

Monday - Sundried tomato and chicken pilaf (in the slow cooker)
Tuesday - Mushroom risotto
Wednesday - Keema curry
Thursday - Cheesy broccoli pasta bake
Friday - Honey mustard pork (yes, again. Monkey asked...)
Saturday - Chinese!
Sunday - Christmas dinner - turkey et al.
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