Friday, 9 December 2011

Did I mention....?

That we're going away tonight? We're going to Cologne in Germany to see the Christmas markets, which is all very exciting as none of us have ever been to real German Christmas markets before. The packing has had to be left to the last minute due to it being the busiest week of the school term. We're only going for 2 nights so we're travelling as light as possible to avoid having to lug cases and tired children around too much.

One of the things that I'm most excited about is I have a new handbag to take with me. Accessories Direct got in touch and offered me the chance to review one of their products and as my current handbag - which was lovely new, all purple in croc skin effect - is showing significant signs of wear (OK, it looks tatty), this seemed perfect timing, almost fateful. It was time to get a new one but as my husband will tell you, I'm quite particular about what I want out of a bag. I'm not bothered about the "name" as some are - I wasn't even like that before I had children and I still had money - but I do want a bag that looks nice and allows me to use it the way I want. I've trailed poor husband around shops in Spain on holiday - which seems to be where I have bought most of my bags in the last few years - and looked at tens, if not hundreds, before making my decision.

I was rather taken by this Kate Benjamin bag (great name!) out of the products on offer to review as I could carry it like a satchel but I can also use the strap and wear it across my body, which can be handy if your hands are taken up holding small hands when out. Missy Woo is always telling me off if she holds my hand and I'm still carrying my bag. "Mummy, I don't want to carry your bag, thank you". So, I put it at the top of my list and waited hopefully.

The bag arrived well packed and came in a lovely dustbag. You mean, people actually put their bags away occasionally? No, not for me. Mine is going to get some serious use! As you open the dustbag, you get that wonderful smell of real leather which is just fantastic. The leather is soft and supple so it's very tactile. Inside, there is plenty of room without too many little compartments which detract from some bags. There is a mobile phone pouch inside (bag designers, please note - smartphones don't fit in them anymore: please make them a bit bigger!) which I will probably use for sunglasses, and a well proportioned internal zip pocket to keep things safe inside. I love the patterned lining too; bound to raise a comment or two.

Looking at the product on the website, I notice now how much it sells for. Eek! I have never owned a handbag costing more than £50, let alone £140. I've never really got the designer handbag thing but just from looking at this bag, you can see that it's good quality, which is what you're paying for and it is actually reasonably priced compared to the real high end designer bags. I also noticed that this bag is an exclusive to Accessories Direct, so if you want to buy one like mine, you won't find it anywhere else.

Talking of buying, Accessories Direct are offering all you lovely readers a hefty 20% off all non-sale items. To get this discount, use the code FESTIVE when making your purchase. 20% would mean you could buy the same bag as I have for £112 but there are tons of other bags, including this wide rang of across body bags, plus they have jewellery and other accessories too. Hurry if you want to use the code - it is only valid until 13th December, which should mean you get it in time for Christmas. I also noticed that delivery is free for orders of £30 and over, thus saving even more.

So, I shall be off to Germany today carrying my lovely new bag and looking far more stylish than I deserve to. Oh yes, did I mention that we're off to Cologne? More of that after we return.

(Accessories Direct kindly sent me the above mentioned handbag to review and keep. I have not received any further compensation for writing this post. All opinions are my own and genuinely held.)
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