Monday, 7 November 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Well, it's time to plan another week's meals. This week is an odd one for me as I'm going to be on my own with the children from Thursday until Monday. Husband is off running the Druid Challenge, the length of the Ridgeway Path from Buckinghamshire to Wiltshire over the course of three days. No, I don't know either but he likes to do these mad things occasionally and he's using it to raise funds for the school's PTFA. (So, if you want to sponsor him, do get in touch!) Some of the early part of the week is therefore given over to pasta and rice dishes, hence the re-appearance of one dish from last week.

It's also Nearly New Sale weekend. We have two a year in our branch and I have volunteered to help every time. I'm not sure yet how much time I can give on Saturday because of possibly not having anyone to look after the children, but I will be there at some point. I spent a good chunk of Sunday labelling up unwanted toys to sell as well so it's in my interest for it to be a successful. The tradition for us is to have Chinese after a sale but with there only being 3 of us, I don't know if we will as the children prefer fish and chips. Handily, the local takeaway does both!

Here we go:

Monday - Lamb and apricot stew with couscous
Tuesday - Thai prawn fried rice
Wednesday - Vegetable lasagne
Thursday - No cooking, we're just having sandwiches
Friday - Sausages in onion gravy, mash and broccoli
Saturday - Take away!
Sunday - Sweetcorn soup and home made bread

So, that's our week, how about yours? Tell me what you're having then check out Mrs M's blog for more inspiration.

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