Monday, 21 November 2011

Meal Planning Monday - the children's choice edition

This week, we have a twist to the week's plan. It all started when Missy Woo came into my room this morning when I was having a lie in. She got in bed with me for a bit and was chattering away at me. I asked her to name some things that she'd like to have for tea this week and she duly named three things. Then I let Monkey come up with three more and we've jiggled it all together to make a coherent (ish!) plan. So, nothing exciting or different this week, just family favourites. Sunday is being kept free because excitingly, I've been invited by Sainsburys to the Good Food Show Winter at the NEC and they're making us lunch. There should be leftovers and the family will be able to survive without a planned meal.

Monday - Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese (Missy Woo's choice)
Tuesday - Honey and mustard pork (Monkey's choice)
Wednesday - Chorizo, pepper, cannellini bean and butternut squash chilli (Missy Woo wanted chilli, I fancied making this!)
Thursday - Sandwiches (apparently, Missy Woo wants "purple onion" with her sandwiches. Cooked))
Friday - Macaroni cheese (Monkey's choice)
Saturday - Slow cooker chicken curry (Monkey wanted chicken, I suggested curry and I fancy trying a slow cooker version)
Sunday - keeping free (see above)

A reasonable mix, I guess. I have plenty of opportunities to sneak veg in when they aren't looking and I haven't made that chilli in ages. It's one of my favourites too, perfect for this time of year. I guess it could have been worse (although I did talk them out of pizza). Some of the choices are predictable (like the honey mustard pork - currently Monkey's favourite) but some were surprising - I never expected Missy Woo to ask for chilli.

All that's left for you to do now is to tell me what you are having this week, and then visit Mrs M's blog and discover more entries for Meal Planning Monday.

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