Monday, 17 October 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Last week did go vaguely to plan although Saturday got swopped to Sunday thanks to Monkey going to his friend's for tea. The toad in the hole and cheesy fish pie was lovely, as was the butternut squash and coconut curry.

This week is nothing special. I planned the week's meals quite quickly and so asked the rest of the family to suggest meals. This is what we jointly came up with.

Monday - Home made burgers and wedges (from the My Daddy Cooks book)
Tuesday - Cheesy lentils and veg
Wednesday - everyone else is having chippy tea as I'm off to Clandestine Cake Club
Thursday - Sandwiches (because the children have school disco and Missy has dancing after)
Friday - Turkey and bean lasagne
Saturday - left free
Sunday - Sweetcorn chowder with feta, tomato and basil bread

See? Nothing terribly exciting. Easy though - a few of those I can do from memory now, and then I'm looking forward to making the bread for Sunday's meal. Part of the reason there is not much new in this week is the current edition of BBC Good Food looks a bit uninspiring and I've only wanted to make one recipe, which I've already done. The next plan might be more inspired - and the children are on half term theren so I may have more (or less!) time to plan nice meals.

Anyway, as always, do tell me what you are eating this week. And then pop over to Mrs M's blog to check out some more meal plans.
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