Monday, 19 September 2011

Meal Planning Monday

So it's time for another week of meals. The weeks fly, don't they? (I feel like I say that every week, so you're probably, quite rightly, rolling your eyes right now.) Last week went OK but I had a "sod it" moment on Saturday afternoon as we had been out and Monkey was at his first ever sleepover so I decided we'd have pizza. The cheesy veg hotpot got shoved to Sunday and the barley risotto has gone on hold for another day.

I've actually already made tonight's meal! I had most of a can of coconut milk to use so I made a "fridge bottom" lentil dhal with vegetables with whatever was left over and needed to be used up. All I have to do is warm some naans to go with it. This is good as I'm going to John Lewis at the Trafford Centre this morning to choose my outfit for the MAD Blog Awards (I'm a finalist, if you didn't know!) and I'm very excited about that. So, I'll probably be out a good chunk of the day, so to have the dhal cooked with only reheating is fab.

Here's my full plan

Monday - Fridge bottom lentil and vegetable dhal
Tuesday - Chicken and leek pot pie
Wednesday - Ribs with corn on the cob and coleslaw
Thursday - Curried lamb and peas with tomato and onion salad
Friday - Barley risotto with carrots
Saturday - Veggie chilli with roast pumpkin wedges
Sunday - Leaving free for now

So that's my week of food. How about yours? What are you eating this week? And why not, whilst you're at it, visit At Home with Mrs M to catch up with other meal plans?
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