Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gallery: Shoes

I don't have pretty feet. I know some people think that all feet are ugly but mine are small (for my height) and stubby, as they are wide. Wide feet are a curse as new shoes are nearly always painful for a while.

And then, at age 11, I had an operation to straighten a bent toe. This appears to have been an inherited trait as both my dad and my granddad had the same thing. In straightening my little toe on my left foot, they broke the bone and sewed it to the toe next to it. My toe doesn't look "normal" at all and I don't like the nail. So, wearing flipflops and open sandals can be a trial as said toe doesn't look very pretty. As a result, I'm not really much of a shoe person. Even winter shoes are problematic because my little toe makes my foot even wider and it can make wearing new shoes even more uncomfortable.

Then, this year, whilst looking around for some nice sandals that I could wear to various events, I found these. They're made for wide feet, they cover up my horrible toe thanks to the strategically placed flower, and - bonus - they're comfortable, even though they're quite high for me. I wasn't sure about them when I first got them but I've virtually lived in them all summer. Chances are, if you've bumped into me over the summer, I've been wearing these.

They are my new favourite shoes. What's yours?
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