Saturday, 6 August 2011

Toyologist Review - Lite Sprites

Missy avec Lite Wand, swing & sprite
As I mentioned in my post last week, this month's parcel was rather girl orientated and Missy Woo was rather happy about that. Part of the delivery included some brand new toys, which are just reaching the shops in the UK this month. They're called Lite Sprites. The five sprites are fairy-like and glow in different colours. One of the sprites, Prisma, comes with a Lite Wand and one of them is a naughty sprite who rejects colour. All of them have their own light pod which is basically their home. And they all live in a world called Lite-Topia. Got all that? Good, because I have a feeling you are going to be hearing a lot about these little sprites. 

These toys are very clever, especially when used with the Lite Wand. It can collect colours from a colour wheel but Missy Woo was very impressed when I put the wand on her favourite dress and the wand picked up the main colour - and then we shared it with the one of the sprites just by pointing the wand at the sprites! Impressive stuff. The sprites can remember these colours but also has 10 favourite colours built in. They can "catch" spells too but the naughty one, called Bleak, can cast spells. 

The sprites are about 7cm high so they are a perfect size for little girls to carry around. For some reason, two of them were strapped into the spare seat in the back of the car for a few days - not by me, I hasten to add. Missy liked them sufficiently to take one and the Lite Wand into school during the last week of term so I may now be to blame for several small girls hassling their parents for that great new toy their friend had!

The swing, with Prisma on board
The Lite Wand is great, but it is rather complicated. I don't think we've even played with half its features yet. That's not a criticism - it just means there are more things for Missy Woo to discover along the way. She's not bothered that she's not played with all of it - or maybe she has, and she's keeping it a secret from me! She has spent plenty of time playing with the different sprites, but I would certainly not just buy one sprite on its own - the Lite Wand is an absolute must to get most out of them, so it would be best to start with that as it comes with a sprite. We were also sent a swing for the sprites to play on and that lights up, plays a tune when the swing is i operation and connects with other playsets to make your world. It will be easy to develop a Lite Sprites habit and collect it all over time but that's like most toys these days.

I asked Missy Woo to tell me what she liked best about the Lite Sprites and she said she liked all the colours and how they changed. She then went on to list all the colours it went and it got a little boring so I'll spare you that bit!

I'm sure these will be popular and after last week's angst over the Hello Kitty vanity case, these toys are of a far more innocent and gentle nature so are perfect for little girls of Missy Woo's age who dream of being fairies, princesses or even fairy princesses. They will love them. Will parents love them? I reckon so, although they might not appreciate having to do all the reading of user guides and figuring out all the features for their little darlings. There may have to be Lite Sprites training courses.

(I was provided with the above toys to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are my own, and have not been influenced by the aforementioned compensation.)
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