Monday, 1 August 2011

Meal Planning Monday

So, I survived the first week of the summer holidays and mealwise, everything went pretty much to plan. The children especially liked the honey and mustard pork I made for them on Sunday (recipe - mix runny honey and wholegrain mustard, spread on pork chops or pork steaks and bake in the oven!) so that was good as it was a first for them. They've asked for it again soon. I could easily have given them more, it was pleasingly gone in just a few minutes. 
This week is a little different (again!). The rest of the household are off camping today until Thursday so I shall mostly be choosing as I go along - and there are some leftovers to be eaten as well. So, here is the plan for this week, a little less planned than normal. 

Monday - leftover veg curry
Tuesday - kept free
Wednesday - kept free
Thursday - Mexican lasagne (Monkey has asked for it "without the green bits" - he means the spring onions!)
Saturday - Homemade burgers, salad and chips
Sunday - Roast (Dunno what yet - going to see what's on offer at the supermarket)

So there you go. Probably not as interesting as normal but hey, it works for us! We're missing some fish from the menu again, which I must rectify soon.

Why not pop over to Mrs M's blog for more meal planning entries? And why not tell me what are you having this week?
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