Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Gallery - Black and White

I am not a very technical photographer. As I commented to someone only this afternoon, I probably take more photos with my phone now than I do with the camera. I like taking pictures but I am not in the finer details of it. I therefore don't do take many pictures in black and white, but thanks to the wizardry of photo editing software, I can turn anything I like monochrome. So, I've been looking through my archives, given as I'm enjoying child-free time this week and not spending too much time on the blog, fiddling with the settings and turning things black and white. After lots of messing around, I found this made the nicest picture.

I originally used this as a Silent Sunday picture a couple of months ago. It probably works because it had reasonably muted colours anyway and the black and white seems to bring out some of the detail nicely. Anyway, I like it. It was actually taken in Cuerden Valley Park here in Lancshire, which is well worth a visit and is pretty child and buggy friendly if you want a walk in the countryside with young children. They even have a farmer's market there on the 4th Sunday of every month.

What colour photo of yours would make the best black and white picture?
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