Thursday, 18 August 2011

Boot or Bust? Watch this!

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I don't often do these things but I thought this was worth a look. Lenovo threw one of their ThinkPad laptops out of a plane at 12,500 feet. Crazy? Quite possibly. But it shows how quickly they can boot up - something we could all do with at times. Mine takes a few minutes to get going, so most often I just put it to sleep at night so it can wake up in seconds. I'd much rather get working in seconds and being the kind of IT girl that I am, I'd rather start each day booting my laptop up.

Not sure I'd throw a brand spanking new laptop out of a plane though. The one I'm typing on right now might go out of a plane one day, but without parachute assistance. Suitable punishment for the grief it has given me from time to time. I'll show it who's really the boss. Bwahahaha. Anyway, enjoy.

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