Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A round up of thank yous

I've had a few things sent to me in the last few weeks so it's high time I said thanks for them. Where are my manners?

Firstly, Robinsons sent me a skills kit to try out so the children can practice and become a Champion of the Playground. Children can win their own kit by entering codes from special  bottles of Fruit Shoot at fruitshoot.com. The kit contains a drawstring bag (always handy), a skipping rope with digital counter, a hacky-sack, also with counter and a webcam. The counters rack up points the more you play with them and generate a code you enter on the website to progress through a game. The webcam is there to allow you to play some interactive games on the website but unfortunately, I couldn't get the webcam to work on my laptop so we never got to try it but the children had fun doing keepy-uppies with the hacky-sack. We were given a leaderboard to have a champion of the household but the children commandeered it and made up their own scoring system. I'm not sure who won but we also had a crown and it's been worn a few times, mostly by Missy Woo who thinks she is a princess. Thanks to Robinsons - who actually sent us two kits, one of which we donated to the children's school. 

Next, Forman & Field offered to pamper me and send me some of their Smoked Salmon. They're a retailer of gorgeous gourmet foods, the likes of which I could only treat myself to occasionally. They sent me a 200g pack of London Cure Smoked Salmon. It arrived in a huge box with ice packs inside - which was hilarious considering it only had one tiny pack inside. It was worth waiting for tho - it was divine. I love smoked salmon anyway, but this was beautiful; it melted in the mouth, and had a lovely smoked flavour without being too overpowering. It's just a shame that I can't afford it weekly - £10 for a pack of smoked salmon is a lot of money when your weekly food spend is around the £50 mark for a family of four. I could eat it every day. If I ever win the lottery, the Forman & Field site might well be the first place I visit; it's like the Harrods food hall online. Thanks go to them for spoiling me - even if it was just a day or so (smoked salmon does NOT last in this house!)

Finally, a big thank you to Clothing At Tesco. They asked me to share my thoughts on buying uniform for the children and they featured some of my answers, along with those from other lovely mum bloggers, on their Life Styled blog which you can read here. They also gave me a £30 code to use on their website, which has enabled me to buy uniform for Monkey and Missy Woo for the new year - apart from the items that we have to buy from school. Everything looks really well-made and the children are itching to wear their new stuff but as term ends next week, I want to save it all for September and the start of a new school year. I think that there is still free delivery if you spend more than £15 on schoolwear so it's worth having a look. Certainly, getting uniform bought and sorted now is best as it all seems to sell out really early. 

The companies listed above provided with the items as specified in the post. I have received no other compensation for writing this post, and the opinions I have stated are my own. 
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