Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saying it with flowers

We all like getting little surprises. I guess that's why I do competitions as sometimes things turn up totally without warning and however small, it's always welcome. The best surprise of all, in my opinion, is hearing a knock at the door and finding that the person on the other side of that door has flowers in their hand. And they're for you!

That happened to me yesterday, when said knock arrived - of course, just as I'd gone upstairs for the first time in a few hours - and as I descended the stairs, I could see a man stood there with flowers in his hand. And it wasn't my husband. And not just flowers, oh no. Take a look at this: 

The flowers came from Interflora who sent them to me to review their service. The flowers are really lovely and bonus, they came in their own glass vase, meaning I don't have to trim everything and find a suitable vase. Bonus! I love the sisal collar, although I suspect that, given the colour, Missy Woo might have designs on that when the flowers are long gone. 

As well as flowers, they also deliver gifts and have a new section devoted to Father's Day gifts, mostly non-flowery - largely food, wine, whisky and a lucky bamboo plant too. Whatever that is. Handy if you need to get organised.. (Father's Day is 19th June by the way, if you weren't sure..).

Although these flowers aren't from that range, I noticed that Interflora have recently introduced a range of Fairtrade Flowers featuring flowers from Fairtrade certified flower farms, which is really nice to see, especially as the flowers are not significantly more expensive than the rest of the flowers. 

Finally, Interflora allow you to search for florists by county. For instance, here is the link to florists in London - if you send flowers anywhere in the country, a local florist will make them up and send them, so they arrive as fresh as possible. Mine certainly look stunning. 

(I was sent some flowers and a bottle of sparkling rosé wine for the purposes of writing a review. I have not received any further compensation and all opinions are my own. I was asked to include some links to Interflora websites within the post, but I have not been told what to write beyond that. )
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