Wednesday, 22 June 2011

3 Word Gallery

That is the prompt that Tara from Sticky Fingers has set for us this week. It's based on the three word summaries that Simon Mayo asks his listeners to contribute to summarise their day which he then reads out on his Drivetime show on Radio 2. I follow Simon on Twitter and have contributed if I see his tweet. I don't often listen to that particular show; I listen to the Mayo and Kermode Film Review on Friday afternoons as it's the best radio programme on air.

So, the prompt was for the "3 Word Gallery". In other words, a photo that could be summed up in three words. I struggled at first; I scoured my extensive photo archives for a different twist on "my cute children" or similar. And failed.

And then, fate intervened. I had Twitter open as Simon tweeted his daily request for 3 word Tuesdays so I replied to him. Now, I was actually typing this when the rest of the family returned from a shopping trip to say it was actually read out on the radio at the start of his show (I was watching Wimbledon, I have a note from my mum).

And so, it seems logical, given that my 3 word Tuesday was an auspicious occasion, to use those three words and turn them into a picture for the 3-word Gallery.

I give you "First Governors Meeting"!

It went well, thanks for asking. Although one of the governors said to me, "That was you that was mentioned on Simon Mayo this afternoon, wasn't it?". Whoops...

PS If you want to listen to my mention, try here. It's right at the beginning so you only have to listen to a couple of minutes. (This is only available for a week so won't be available after that, sorry!)
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