Monday, 16 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Time to do another week's meals. This week seems like a bit of a cop out as I have one meal that is already made (in the freezer), two gaps, and one other thing I've made recently. Last week's was interesting - we reverted to leftovers one day and then I had a disaster with the BBQ chicken. I made it but whilst I was eating it, I decided it didn't smell right so I binned everyone else's on the basis of my instinct alone. I think it must have been OK or I have a strong constitution as I didn't get ill. Hey ho. 

So here's this week's meals:

Monday - Cheesy lentils
Tuesday - Onion tart
Friday - Cottage pie (in freezer)
Saturday - Chickpea and coriander burgers
Sunday - kept free

Hmm, 3 veggie meals this week. I think I've just picked out some things I wanted to try and they happened to be both veggie. The rest are probably things I can do with my eyes closed. 

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