Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Gallery - Mustachioed

Continuing my roll with these themes, Tara must have read my mind. I was looking through my pictures last week and saw one that I thought I really needed to fit into a post soon, because well, I just like the picture.

And then, I read the theme for the Gallery this week. Mustachioed. The theme is in honour of Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? who has a bit of a thing for them. She wants us all to share our best 'tache pictures and the best won will win a camera. Sounds like a deal to me. And the perfect picture is just there for me to use.

I have a few pictures of the children with moustaches, mainly from dressing up outfits and the like. This one was taken not long after Missy Woo turned two and the children wanted to dress up as pirates and put disguises on. I think it's a very fetching 'tache, possibly a bit dashing for a pirate but still, it's one of my favourite pictures of my little girl.

My run on the Gallery has to end sometime. Will it be next week? Stay tuned to find out.

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