Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Gallery - April

So, the first Gallery of May and we're talking about - April. Confused? Not much. Anyway, the task we have been set is to sum up the month in a photo. Being British, I have gone for the weather angle.

April is normally the start of the holiday season, with Easter holidays often taking up much of the month. This year, it has been unseasonably warm and dry, which has given it more of a holiday feel than normal. The children went feral for a few days during their time off and I barely saw them as they were out playing with friends on the estate. Where were the April showers we've come to expect during school holidays? It's been warmer here than Barcelona - where it has been raining a lot - most days. The problem with the sustained dry weather is that it causes problems on the moors near us and since Friday, there have been fires burning constantly, stoked by the high winds, fanning flames. My picture therefore sums up the two opposing factors - the beautiful weather, with smoke from the fires swirling down from the moors. This was taken less than 100 yards from our front door. (And no it's not that rural, there's a motorway in there, it's just well hidden).

I think you can tell from the tree that it was quite windy!

See more of what April had to offer by clicking on the badge below.

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