Monday, 18 April 2011

This song reminds me of you...

That's the theme of this week's Playlist and I admit to being stumped at first. I have commented on other posts that I tend to associate songs with times and places rather than people. I can remember, for example, being in a café in Somerset and hearing Tainted Love on the radio because it had just reached number one. Totally irrelevant but hearing it takes me back to that moment.

So, associating a song with a person for me is hard. But there is one song that I do associate with one person. My Dad. As you will have probably read before on this blog a few times, he died in December 2000. He missed meeting his first grandson by just over 4 years. He doesn't know I'm married with two kids, he doesn't know that my sister is married too. He doesn't know that he's about to become a step-great-grandfather.

I associate this song with Dad because my mum chose this to be played at his funeral and it made me cry. A few years later, I was watching High Fidelity because I am a big John Cusack fan. His character, Rob attends a funeral and he lists to camera the songs he'd like to be played at his funeral and this was included in the list. It brought it all back and I burst into tears. Even now, hearing this song makes me cry and, well, I just want my Dad back, if truth be told. I've got it playing in the background right now and I have tears in my eyes, but then, writing about Dad always does that to me.

I love you, Dad. And I miss you.

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