Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mother Love

Can you see the pride shining from her eyes? Her little family, one boy and one girl. Maybe not perfect, but they make her proud. They can take some looking after and they work her hard. Occasionally, she falls short of the challenge, but don't we all? Sometimes, they make her cry, but they also bring her endless joy. Their love for her is as unconditional and fierce as the love she feels in her heart for them. She protects them as if she were a tigress protecting her cubs. Like any mother, she is not perfect and, try as she might, she has a favourite who gets a little more attention and time than the other. She hates to leave them, but it has to be done. She feels guilty leaving them in the care of another. After all, you never know, do you? How can anyone else care for them in the same way that she does? How can anyone else love them as much to look after them as well? The looks on their faces when she gets home after a long day say it all. Well, to her anyway.

She is the embodiment of Mother Love, aged 4. Even if they are adopted, they are her children and she is their mother.

Missy Woo and her little family

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