Saturday, 23 April 2011

I've been visited by a fairy...

Well, maybe not. You may have seen posts appearing over the last few months, mentioning how the blogger concerned has been sent a gift after commenting on another similar blog post. Back lost in the mists of time, I  may have commented on one such post and been offered the same. However, I'm not sure I took up the offer. Fast forward a few months when I started following the lovely Ian, who only turns out to be the one and only Fairy Hobmother. Or should that be Hobfather? Anyway, shortly after, Ian got in touch and offered me a small gift.

Ian is from Appliances Online, who sell cookers and other white goods. This is somehow appropriate, as he offered a book about baking. The original title he suggested I already own so I cheekily asked if he would send me this instead, and love that he is, he obliged.

This book is gorgeous. I thought the recipes would be too complicated but I made the banana and chocolate cupcakes from them to feature in my Gallery post this week and the frosting recipe was great and the cakes were dutifully wolfed down by the rest of the household.

I'm sure I'm going to enjoy looking at this book just as much as cooking from it.

Thanks to Ian and Appliances Online for the book anyway. Leave a comment here and who knows what might come your way?

Appliances Online sent me the book above free of charge in return for mentioning them in a blog post. 
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