Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Simple Pleasures

There are many simple pleasures in life, and we all have different ones. As a mother, simple pleasures are often the things that keep you going when parenting - and your children - feel like it's getting on top of you. That can be as simple as a strong cup of tea, drunk hot for a change. Well, that's one of mine. I'm forever forgetting about my tea and reheated in the microwave never tastes the same. I get tutted at quite a bit for not finishing my brews. Naming no names as to who that is, but it's not my children.

I love being online but that's not a particularly simple pleasure, is it? Some of my simpler ones are:

  • the smell of freshly brewed coffee
  • the feel of clean bed linen
  • waking up, looking at the clock and realising it's not time to get up
  • the excitement and joy in Monkey or Missy Woo's faces when I pick them up from school
  • the children laughing or giggling
  • hugs (especially from, yes, my children)
  • and that hot cup of tea... 
Trying to put some of those pleasures in photographic form for The Gallery was proving to be a challenge, especially as I have not had time to take some decent photos to depict any of them. Instead, I rummaged through my digital archives and found this little series of a baking session with Missy Woo that I took a couple of years ago, depicting one of her simple pleasures. One, I suspect, that will feature a few times in other posts this week. 

It is, of course, chocolate. 

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