Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: Zoobles!

I was sent a new toy for me and Missy Woo to review. They're a new collectable aimed at girls called Zoobles. Curled up into little balls, they open up when placed on their "happitat" to become little character to play with. There are apparently over 150 of these to collect.

When I first received this, Missy Woo said she'd never heard of them, despite my having seen a Zoobles advert on the channel they were watching a day or two before. She soon remembered as she started talking about the happitat without my mentioning it, and also she could knew what you had to do to make them come alive. She was keen to get it out to play with it. When you place the Zooble on top of the happitat (it's magnetised), it sprang open and had wiggly ears. If you place it inside the happitat, the Zooble could go to sleep. The Zooble is quite small - which is both a blessing and a curse; small enough for little hands to hold easily but also, easily lost.

The Zoobles are grouped such that they come from different lands. Ours came from Petagonia. If you visit the Zoobles website, you can explore these lands as well as update your collection of Zoobles as you buy them.

Given that there are 150 to collect - and of course, some of them are rare - I think they are quite expensive at £5.99 for a single Zooble, although you can buy two for £9.99 and playsets for £19.99. At those prices, it's like those partwork magazines; when you add up the total cost, your mind is totally blown. They're even a bit expensive for pocket money treats, unless I'm a scrooge. They are aimed squarely at girls over 4 - although Monkey was interested in them too - but I can't see us building up anything other than a small collection thanks to the cost. For me, that is the biggest issue - although that is not a concern for Missy Woo.

But then it wouldn't be, would it?

(I was provided with a Zooble toy to review and have received no other compensation. The opinions stated are my own and not affected by the aforementioned compensation.)
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