Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Gallery - Trees

My heart sank a tiny bit when I found out this week's prompt was trees. I don't do fancy photography well and I'm not for moody, atmospheric shots. Being as they are one of Tara's favourite things, the pressure is on to find something looking just so.

What I didn't realise was how few shots I actually have of trees. There was nothing, nothing I tell you, on my computer. Well, not unless you count the tops or bottoms of Christmas trees with other more exciting things in the foreground - and anyway a) the tree is not real and b) it's March, silly - I'm not doing Christmas now. Oh, and there was the odd shot of someone stood by the trunk of various trees. Hardly thrilling.

As a desparate final measure, I dug through my web albums and what do you know? I found a picture, largely of trees. It's actually not a bad shot, which is amazing when you consider that I took it with my old phone.

It looks so peaceful and serene, doesn't it? I wonder if you can guess where it was taken? A good few of you are bound to have been there. In fact, I know for sure that some of you have. Leave your guesses as a comment below. There are no prizes for getting it right, just a bit of kudos and some admiration from me, which I'm sure is better than any prize. But then again...

Silvophiles* should pop over to Tara's gaff to see more entries in this week's Gallery.

* Tree lovers, silly!
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