Saturday, 19 February 2011

This is me - after a fashion

It's been a while since I did a meme other than the Gallery and Silent Sunday and when I got tagged by the lovely Karen at If I Could Escape, closely followed by the equally lovely Garry from The Blog Up North to take part. It was started by Tara from Sticky Fingers. The idea is that you get your child to draw a picture of you, and post it. Simple.

Both Monkey and Missy Woo like drawing but Missy Woo particularly so. I asked them both to draw a picture of me, in the hope I could cheat a little and get you to compare the two but Monkey got distracted and was more interested in football/eating/riding his bike when it came to it. I thought it would while away some time on a day over half term, but then Missy Woo, who normally spends hours and hours on most pictures, shocked me by finishing it in less than five minutes. I manage to string it out by getting her to writing "Mummy by Missy Woo" along the bottom (I helped with the spelling of everything except the word mummy) but that was it. So, here we go:

Apparently, I'm wearing a dress "for a change" and the star is to make it "look pretty". My hair is a bit short but then, my hair is not down my back (true) and I'm not sure about that crooked leg. She actually forgot one of my arms but added it when I pointed it out. I didn't realise I was quite that triangular though.

So there you go, this is me - through the eyes of my child.

Fancy a go? I'm going to tag a few bloggers to join in but if you're not tagged, you don't have to wait until someone does. Just join in and link up your post. 

I'm going to tag: 

Chris at Thinly Spread
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