Friday, 5 November 2010

Toyologist Review Week - Power Rangers RPM Wolf Cycle

Today on the Five Fs, I'm delighted to welcome a guest post by Marylin who blogs at Pure Unadulterated Softthistle. I sent Marylin the Power Rangers RPM Wolf Cycle (£12.98) for her to review with her two boys, Zack and Max. Over to Marylin.... 

When Max (3) saw the box for the Power Rangers RPM Performance Wolf Cycle, he was at it instantly. His grabby hands made sure that he got first dibs. I don’t think Zack (5) was too bothered though, as he’s not really a Power Rangers fan, and he knows better than to argue with his little brother... poor wee thing!

I used to be a Power Rangers fan, back when I was about ten or so, I used to LOVE the Red guy, I would imagine me being in danger, and him coming to my rescue, then making me the Pink Ranger, and getting to be one myself!

The packaging wasn’t too difficult to open, which was lucky as Max was DESPERATE by this point to open his new toy. Once it was out, he was off with the little figure and the bike.

It turns out there are three different “modes” that the bike can go in, “cycle mode”, which is how it arrived, “slider mode” which is vaguely shown in a small picture on the box (no instructions inside by the way!), and a “zord” mode, which I’ve yet to figure out.

Trying to get it into “slider” mode wasn’t that easy to figure out for me, so I don’t think a 4 year old (it’s rated 4+) would have been able to do it alone.

For the price, £12.98 from Toys R Us, it’s not too bad, but I wouldn’t give it to a younger child. The hands of the figure come off very easily (intended by the look of it for some reason?), and can be lost (we now only have one hand, after only about 5 days of play).

I don’t think I’d personally buy any of these for my boys, but if you have a kid who *looooves* Power Rangers with a passion, it’s not too expensive, and I’m sure they would have fun!

As it is, despite the lost hand, Max adores his new black Power Ranger, and carries him around everywhere.

The bike has been left by the wayside under my bed though...

(Marylin was provided with the above toy to review and received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are her own, and have not been influenced by the aforementioned compensation.)

Thanks to Marylin for writing the review and to Zack and Max for testing it so thoroughly! 
This post marks the end of my Toyologist Review Week, but not the end of the reviews. We are still madly testing toys here and there will be more reviews in the coming weeks. If you are interested in testing a toy and writing a review as a guest post, do get in touch - my email address is .
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