Thursday, 9 September 2010

Review: Tesco's Back to School Pack

So, a week or two ago, I was tagged by the lovely notSupermum to receive a Tesco Back to School pack. It arrived this morning, a bit late for most people's return to school, but still useful nonetheless, particularly as Monkey seems to wear out or destroy things, being the type of "typical" boy that runs around as much as he can at playtimes.

Inside this lovely box - which was fetchingly tied with a smart black bow - was all this:

2 skirts
2 pairs of boys trousers
1 pair of girls non-iron trousers
2 packs of 3 white polo shirts
1 pack of boys white shirts
1 girls white shirt
2 packs of pencils
2 packs of gel pens
2 packs of exercise books

And on top, a treat for Mummy - a £30 voucher to spend on the Clothing at Tesco website. Monkey and Missy Woo descended on the stationery as they LOVE pens, pencils and crayons (unfortunately, I don't as half of it has ended up on our walls at some point). Missy Woo even deliberately drew in all the other pages of her book that school gave her to do stuff in over the summer so that she could start on a pack of exercise book.

The clothing is of very nice quality, although obviously, we've not had chance to road test them fully through everyday wear and tear, and a wash. One thing I will say is that the most creased thing to come out of the box was the pair of girls non-iron trousers! Hmm, thinking that might need a bit of work on it as I reckon I'm going to have to iron them before Missy Woo gets round to wearing them. Pretty much everything is labelled as having "Dirt Defence" to help prevent stains and improve the removal of any stains in the wash. Again, this is another good thing for Monkey as he is one of the world's messiest eaters and is a big fan of pasta with tomato-based sauces. Time will tell whether they look as good after he's worn them a few times and I've washed them!

Overall, it was a great pack - something, literally, for everyone (except Daddy, he might have to have a look in on the voucher), so a big thanks to notSupermum for tagging me and giving us some Wednesday excitement as Monkey and Missy Woo LOVE parcels arriving for them to open!

(I was provided with a pack, contents listed as in the post, to review. This included a clothing voucher. I  have received no other compensation. The opinions stated here are my own, and have not been influenced by this compensation.)
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