Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fancy some top Totti? Get laminating!

* I am getting lots of hits on this post for obvious reasons after the sad death of Gary Speed. I wrote this post in September 2010 and although I considered removing it temporarily, I've decided to leave it standing. I was a huge fan of Gary and I was utterly gutted to hear the news of his death. The tributes I have heard since convince me that he was a really lovely man and want this post to stand as a tribute to him, even if it was tongue in cheek. Rest in peace, Gary. You will be missed*

After I wrote my sad post yesterday, I remembered that I've already been tagged by Nickie at Typecast in a post entitled Shwing! (in a feminine way) based on the famous people that you would *cough* do it *cough* with, given the chance - partly based on the "Laminated List" plot from Friends. This was started a while back by Karen from If I Could Escape and I think she tagged everyone in general, but to my shame, I never did that either. *slaps own wrists* Better make up for lost time then and present my selection for your amusement and delectation then.

My selection are based on a theme of 3Fs today - football, food and films. Some of them will be no surprise to those who know me, but I can guarantee there will be at least one that you have never heard of! Enjoy the insight into my (slightly warped) mind.
Santi Solari

Gary Speed

David Ginola

Francesco Totti

Matt Tebbutt

Curtis Stone
John Cusack
David Morrissey
I believe it is customary for me to tag people at this point but I think several variations of this theme have been going the rounds for a while. So, I'm going to be naughty and leave it open to you. I'll add anyone that wants to be tagged, or you can blog it, link back and place a link in the comments.

Now, if it's alright with you, I must go. Is it me or is it a bit warm in here?


  1. Hubba, hubba! I with you on all of them, but the last. Not so sure about him. ;-)

  2. Nice list!!!

  3. Oooo noooooo! Not Curtis Stone! Eeep! Lady!

    Becca x

  4. I have no idea who most of them are but I can honestly say that we definitely don't have the same taste ;)

    I think my love for Simon Gregson is safe :D

  5. Oooooh, I am sooooo with you on the footballers *swoon*
    My crush on Gary Speed goes wayyyyy back to his Leeds United days and my friend's Dad was at the time the goal keeper for Leeds United and I used to hang around at her house all the time just in case Gary Speed ever popped by. He never did of course! Hehe!!

  6. We don't have football on in this house, sport here has to have wheels involved... So I'm not familiar with your top totti but they seem like a hansom buch of fellas! I might have to spend a few days considering top totti even if I don't get around to doing the meme ;-) (which I'm sure I will...)

  7. What's wrong with him? Gah! Ificouldescape and me would fight over him, for sure. ;)


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